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Established in 2008, ADCO Attorneys at Law is a full service law firm providing clients with wide range of legal services, from corporate formation, acquisition and share divestment to company dissolution. As a full service lawfirm, ADCO has also a strong litigation team, consist of a pure litigation lawyer teamed up with litigation lawyers who are trained and experienced as corporate and commercial lawyers. This combination will benefit the client, not only achieving the expected result, but also easy monitory cases and “commercial sense” approach of our litigation practice.


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Natural Resources

Whilst demand for energy and natural resources continues to grow, creating great opportunity for the sector, a range of economic, political, commercial and physical or technological issues create sources of risk that require successful resolution. ADCO Attorneys at Law can help you provide practical legal solutions.

Mining and Energy is a core area of focus for ADCO Attorneys at Law. Our lawyers are highly skilled at helping clients across the mining, energy and natural resources sector to take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges and protect their interests. Over 40 clients of our firm are active players in Indonesian natural resources industry, including mining and energy.


Mergers & Acquisitions

We understand that legal solutions are there to serve one purpose: achieving clients' commercial objectives.
Corporate deals, transacted in a progressively borderless world, are becoming increasingly complex. To provide effective legal solutions, lawyers need to have good commercial sense and understanding of the workings of the clients' industry. Our vast experience more than equips us to play this dual role. We have devised some of the more cutting-edge legal solutions of recent years which are tailored to meet clients' commercial objectives. Working alongside our clients, we successfully create the most pertinent construct for every deal.
We represent both public and private targets and acquirers from every industry and from across the globe. Large foreign multinationals and small domestic clients alike continue to rely on our business acumen and legal proficiency. We pride ourselves that we are not just legal advisors. We are our clients' valued counselors and business partners.

Oil & Gas

Whilst ever-growing demand for energy continues to create great opportunity, legal and commercial risks across the oil and gas lifecycle continue to require solutions. Access to new resources, fluctuating prices, technology and infrastructure requirements, regulatory policies, difficult financial markets, environmental and political influences, counter-party disputes and other pressures need to be successfully handled. We help clients across the oil and gas sector to find commercial legal solutions.
Our expert lawyers have a proven track record in helping clients to deliver some of the national and global leading oil and gas projects across the full upstream and downstream lifecycle, from licensing and exploration though to production, sale and decommissioning.

General Corporate and Commercial Law

Our lawyers possess substantial skill and experience in providing comprehensive corporate and commercial legal support and advisory services to clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Combining commercial sensibilities and legal expertise, we assist our clients to structure, organize and implement their business ventures and investments, including structuring and securing investments and financing as well as the establishment of new projects in various industries.

We also actively advise clients who are seeking to establish or expand their presence in Indonesia and work closely with certified public accountants to provide tax and accounting advice as well as share and assets valuation.

Working closely with our clients to understand in-depth the nature of each of our client’s business, we are thus able to advise and implement the most efficacious business entity or corporate structure to adopt for any given business deal or undertaking. Our services include:


  • Incorporation of foreign investment companies and registration of foreign branches;
  • Registration of business and representative offices;
  • Corporate secretarial services;
  • Advising on shareholder issues and drafting of shareholder agreements;
  • Advising on joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships and the preparation of the relevant documentation;
  • Corporate restructurings;
  • Advising on and drafting of sale of goods, licensing, agency and distribution agreements

Our clients include multinational corporations, real estate development and management companies, listed companies, overseas entities, private equity investors, SMEs and start-ups.

Banking & Finance

We have advised commercial banks, investment banks, insurance companies, trust companies, private equity funds and hedge funds from both inside and outside of Indonesia.

We have provided comprehensive legal services in many landmark financing transactions and have contributed to the financing components of numerous domestic and international capital markets transactions. Our lawyers have also participated in the designing and drafting of various banking and financial legislations.


Our attorneys counsel industrial, commercial and financial entities regarding a broad array of environmental challenges, including helping them manage environmental risks in the context of business transactions and achieve compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

This work includes coordinating environmental site assessments and compliance audits, and drafting and negotiating the environmental provisions of transaction documents.


ADCO Attorneys at Law dedicated Compliance team gives our clients integrated legal, governance, legal risk management and compliance advice and solutions, allowing them to compete with confidence.

We advise business and Government clients across a wide range of industries, including retail, energy, transport, logistics, aviation, financial services and retail banking sectors.

We offer:


  • integrated legal, governance, legal risk management and compliance advice and solutions
  • governance, risk and compliance frameworks and management systems for the whole of your organization
  • deep knowledge of industry best practice and the regulatory environment
  • tools, benchmarking experience and thought-leadership to ensure you receive the maximum compliance bang for your buck.

Forestry & Plantation

In the Plantation and Forestry area of expertise, we have extensive experience in covering clients’ needs in all aspects of Indonesian regulations, policy and common structures used in the plantation and forestry industries. We represent foreign investors, large and small domestic companies, and individuals as well as state owned companies engaged in these businesses.
We have engaged in various types of work, starting from the due diligence examination; dealings with officials in the relevant multiplicity of central and provincial government institutions; structuring the best possible scheme regarding the investment in and/or the acquisition of as well as the disposal of the ownership and/or assets; and applying for licenses required and assisting in daily operational aspects.

Labor & Employment

We have a team of lawyers who have extensive knowledge and experience in handling all types of labor issues in the context of business transactions and daily operations.

We assist clients not only in establishing labor management systems and handling human resources problems, but also in settling complicated employment disputes.

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is another important area of practice for our firm. We represented clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings involving various types of disputes. ADCO Attorneys at Law is qualified to practice in courts of all levels and our lawyers regularly appear before arbitration institutions or tribunals as counsels or legal experts.

We also represent clients in administrative dispute resolution and administrative disputes. Over the years, our dispute resolution team has gained a wealth of experience in handling complex commercial disputes, especially those involving mining and natural resources companies.

Telecommunications, media and technology

Telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) has gained importance in our practice as information transmission increases in speed and volume. We advise market leaders ranging from governmental authorities to state-owned enterprises, from multinational conglomerates to domestic companies, and from investment banks to telecom operators.

Our TMT professionals have extensive experience in the sectors of fundamental and value-added telecommunications, mobile phone, e-commerce, mass media, publishing, broadcasting, IPTV, entertainment, information protection, high technology products and related integrations and solutions.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate Group is characterized by its breadth and depth of experience-in regional, national, and international markets-in the full range of the real estate asset class, with a wide variety of clients and through decades of business cycles.

We have advised on the most advantageous transaction structures from economic, tax and legal perspectives on matters involving five continents. We work with diverse parties including tax-exempts, pension plans and foreign investors on properties including:


  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Resort
  • Residential
  • Timber and agricultural
  • Recreational
  • Mixed-use

Our clients include buyers, sellers, investors, developers, sponsors, public and private funds, public agencies, tenants-in-common, general and limited partners, and preferred and subordinated equity investors.