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Rizky Dwinanto


Rizky Dwinanto is a Partner at ADCO Attorneys at Law and has notable practical experience and expertise representing clients from various industries in corporate commercial litigation particularly bankruptcy and suspension of debt payments, insolvency, liquidation, manpower and Industrial matters, tort, breach of contract, corporate/banking, criminal case and trademark. He also has extensive experiences in handling case in administration court and constitutional court and familiar in handling a high-profile arbitration proceeding before the Indonesia National Arbitration Board.  His areas of expertise include but are not limited to Corporate Commercial Litigation, Insolvency, Bankruptcy, Arbitration, Manpower and Industrial Matters.

Commercial Litigation
Corporate Debt Restructuration
Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Bankruptcy and Suspension of Debt Payment
Labor and Employment
General Corporate and Commercial Law

Indonesia Advocate Association (PERADI).
Receiver and Administration licenses from Indonesian Association of Receiver and Administration (AKPI).