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30 Nov 2017
Legal Guarantee Intensive Course

Our Partner, Rizky Dwinanto spoke on Guarantee Holders Rights in Bankruptcy and Dissolution (Hak Pemegang Jaminan dalam Kepailitan dan Pembubaran) in a Legal Guarantee Intensive Course organized by EMLI Training on 28-30 November 2017. His topic covered the process of bankruptcy and the delay of debt service obligation, collateral holders’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings and postponement of debt payment request (PKPU) also the mitigation of collateral holders in bankruptcy process and PKPU. 

21 Sept 2018
Compensation for Land, Buildings and Plants Affected by the Construction of Electric Power Transmission Networks
19 Sept 2018
Requirements on Management Changes of Expiring Oil and Gas Working Areas
18 Sept 2018
Obligation to Use Domestic Products of Operational Goods, Capital Goods, Equipment and Raw Material in Energy and Mineral Resources Sector