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19 Dec 2017
Kepailitan dan PKPU: Praktik dan Perkembangannya Saat Ini

ADCO Attorneys at Law participated in a talk show on “Kepailitan dan PKPU: Praktik dan Perkembangannya Saat Ini” organized by Hukumonline.com on 19 December 2017. Our Partner, Rizky Dwinanto shared his insight on debt restructuring, its methods and types of restructuring, as well as the benefit of restructuring through PKPU’s mechanism including problems identification and classification prior to the restructuring process. 
In this event the firm also presented the Hukumonline.com Clinic Partners Appreciation to Indonesia Cyber Law Community (ICLC), a community of several tech savvy practitioners that provides professional services on socialization, advocacy, consultancy and training related to cyber law, cybercrimes and digital forensics in Indonesia.

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