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Vicko Taniady

Vicko Taniady is a determined young lawyer. He is a graduate from the University of Jember who received a cum laude honor and was named the Most Outstanding Student. With his previous experience as a journal editor and a manager editor, as well as a legal intern at a notable law firm, Vicko exudes confidence and is well-equipped to provide excellent legal services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. At ADCO Law, Vicko provides high-quality legal research, writing, drafting, and mediation services. Vicko’s expertise extends to providing invaluable legal research and due diligence assistance on various projects, including those related to energy, coal and mineral resources, and general corporate matters. He has also participated in various corporate litigations in various industrial sectors.



Areas of Expertise

Practice Description

During his years of practice, Vicko has been involved in numerous deals and transactions: