ADCO Law Announces New Promotions


To support its growth, ADCO Law, a law firm member of Alliott Global Alliance, is delighted to announce six promotions for its lawyers with several designations, as well as business professionals.

Promoted Partner

Morales Sundusing is our promoted partner to lead the Employment and Industrial Relations practice area. Morales is a trusted lawyer for clients across a wide range of industries, from national to multinational corporations, with a focus on employment law, court litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. Notably, Morales was awarded as one of Indonesia’s 50 Future Legal Leaders by the Asia Business Law Journal in 2023. Morales holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the prestigious University of Al Azhar, Indonesia. Morales is a member of both the Indonesian Advocates Association and the Indonesia Labor Law Consultant Association.

Promoted Senior Associates

  1. Adinda Kartika
    Adinda Kartika Putri has succeeded in helping many clients by providing legal advice based on the latest regulations with her creativity and sharp analysis. Adinda regularly assists clients in several transactions and provides due diligence services related to acquisitions and transactions. Her ability to adapt to all industries has led her to understand the clients’ business processes and their compliance needs. Adinda was also featured as one of the NeXGen lawyers by Hukumonline in 2023.
  2. Aska Yosuki
    Aska has a wealth of experience in various litigation cases, representing clients in bankruptcy, suspension of debt payment obligations, and liquidation cases. Aska has experience handling employment cases, representing clients from various lines of business, such as mining, property, pharmacy, and finance. He also represents banks, logistics companies, and startup companies in general litigation and arbitration cases.
  3. Danil Pratama
    Danil assists and represents various types of clients related to litigation and disputes. Danil is also responsible for business competition in our firm, from mitigation to litigation. Furthermore, in addition to being engaged with his legal cases, Danil also contributes his time to do pro bono work. Recently, Danil and his litigation team were awarded the Hukumonline Award for Litigation Law Firms for the Most Impactful Pro Bono Work in 2023.

Promoted Middle Associates

  1. Gabriela Riwu Kore
    Gabriela has experience managing a wide range of project development as well as banking and finance transactions, such as power development, dredging, public-private partnerships (PPP) projects, and syndicated loan transactions. Gabriela, a dynamic professional, offers outstanding support to clients across diverse industries, showcasing her attention to detail, strategic approach, and extensive knowledge.
  2. Intan Farhana
    Intan is highly experienced in assisting clients from diverse industries with numerous corporate issues and transactions related to project development, infrastructure, construction, corporate and M&A, and legal compliance. Her wealth of legal expertise has provided her with a deep grasp of clients’ needs and objectives. Intan successfully represented clients in several acquisition projects, from mining sectors to properties.

Business Professionals

Apart from the legal department, several promotions were also given to the Business Professionals team, including Zaenal Arifin who was promoted as Digital Marketing Specialist (Middle Level) and Fachrul, Senior Support Staff.

We would also want to congratulate all of our teams for their steadfast dedication and hard work, in addition to these advancements. Spread throughout the following major practices: Corporate, Investments & Project Development, Financing, Securities and Technology, Dispute Resolution and Employment, Compliance, and ESG, the firm is fortunate to have three senior partners and two partners at this time.


About ADCO Law:

ADCO Law is a law firm that offers clients a wide range of integrated legal services, including in commercial transactions and corporate disputes in a variety of industry sectors. Over the course of more than a decade, we have grown to understand our client’s industry and business as well as the regulatory aspect. In dealing with business dynamics, we provide comprehensive solid legal advice and solutions to minimize legal and business risks.

From Upstream to Downstream, We Understand Your Industry. In complex transactions as well as in certain cases, we are actively engaged with financial, tax, and environmental specialists, accountants, and law firms from various jurisdictions to give added value to our clients. Having strong relationships with Government agencies, regulators, associations, and industry stakeholders ensures that our firm has a holistic view of legal matters.

ADCO Law is a Proud Member of the Alliott Global Alliance (AGA) in Indonesia. Founded in 1979, AGA is one of the largest and fastest-growing global multidisciplinary alliances, with 215 member firms in 95 countries. As a law firm, we also believe in regeneration. To stay abreast of business changes and stay relevant, our formation of lawyers is comprised of the top graduates from Indonesian and international law schools.

Contact our Business Development team for further information:

Alvin Mediadi, Business Development Manager, Indonesia

[email protected]