ADCOmmit: Waste Sorting for the Next Generation: A Small Act with a Big Impact

ADCO Law is pleased to announce the launch of ADCOmmit, a part of the firm’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. As a law firm that has been established for more than a decade, ADCO Law always strives to have a positive impact on society.

In its inaugural activity, ADCO Law visited HOME (House of Mercy) in Cilincing, North Jakarta. HOME is a shelter for hundreds of fishermen’s children who live in the area. Due to the lack of awareness about environmental hygiene and cleanliness, ADCO Law, in collaboration with Waste4Change, provided education and counseling  regarding waste sorting for fishermen’s children.

Environmental cleanliness is a structural matter that involves a number of variables ranging from natural factors and infrastructure to the most important things, i.e., governmental regulations and public concern. As the next generation, children must continue to be re-educated and made aware of the need for environmental protection.

“We are excited to announce our first initiative in the education pillar of our CSR program. We are aware that these children are shaping up the future generation, so it is of the utmost importance to continue educating them about the importance of preserving the environment,” said Alexandra Gerungan, Senior Partner of ADCO Law.

In addition to instructive sessions, there was also a session of interactive games on the implementation of waste sorting. This time, ADstronauts—the nickname for ADCO Law employees—were directly involved as game facilitators. The ADstronauts who were present divided the children into groups and accompanied them to complete every challenge in the game at each post.

In order to continue to have an impact on the wider community as a whole, ADCOmmit, a part of the ADCO Law CSR program, will continue to collaborate with multiple stakeholders in the future. Visit www.adcolaw.com/csr and take part in our campaign.


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