Commemorating International Blood Day: ADCOncern is Held Again


ADCO Law once again hosted an annual ADCOncern activity to commemorate International Blood Donor Day. ADCO Law and PT Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional Tbk. (JSI) collaborated in organizing this activity. The activity, which took place on Monday, June 13, 2023, at the Setiabudi 2 Building in South Jakarta, attracted a lot of attention from workers around the Kuningan Business District, especially in the Plaza Setiabudi Area. 

Blood donors were ready to participate in the activity starting at 9:00 a.m. WIB. Alta Mahandara, Partner at ADCO Law, felt the same way and was delighted to donate his blood.

“Blood donation is something I look forward to because there are plenty of positive effects of donating blood, one of which is improved blood flow. Furthermore, the blood we donate may be valuable to others in need,” Alta responded. “As a firm, we consistently hold ADCOncern activities, one of which is this blood donation activity, and this is ADCO Law’s commitment to continue to empathize and show our concern for the wider community.”

Erwin, JSI Tenant Relations & Marketing Communication, believes that this ADCOncern’s activity in collaboration with JSI is beneficial to the community.

“We welcome and appreciate ADCO Law’s initiative as part of the JSI tenants to organize this activity, as shown by the enthusiasm of the visitors and the JSI tenants to donate blood. It is hoped that this activity can be routinely carried out every year for the benefit of the wider community,” Erwin added.

The ADCOncern is constantly present with a variety of activities aimed at encouraging the creation of a high quality of life in society. Some of the activities are open not only to the internal members of the firm but also to the general public, and everyone can actively monitor ADCOncern-related information on ADCO Law’s website and social media.



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