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Morales Sharoz Sundusing

Morales Sharoz Sundusing is Head of the Manpower and Employment practice group at ADCO Law, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to his role. With a focus on employment law, court litigation, and alternative dispute resolution, Morales has established himself as a trusted advocate for clients across a wide range of industries, from national to multinational corporations.

Morales’s proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Chinese, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of laws and regulations, enables him to advise and assist his clients effectively. His fluency in these languages allows him to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps, fostering smooth communication and ensuring clarity in advising on legal matters.

Notably, Morales plays a pivotal role in guiding his clients through the intricacies of compliance in Indonesia. His involvement in high-profile pretrial cases and numerous commercial disputes has earned him recognition as a leading legal representative across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Morales’ dedication extends beyond his professional achievements; he contributes to his community by demonstrating his commitment to education as an assistant lecturer at one of Jakarta’s most prestigious private universities. Morales imparts his knowledge, shares his experiences and molds the minds of aspiring legal professionals. This commitment to teaching serves as a testament to his passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth beyond his legal practice.

Morales Sharoz Sundusing


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During his years of practice, Morales has been involved in numerous deals and transactions including: