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ADCO Law and Suryacipta Officially Collaborate Through ADCOCare

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(Karawang, 24/8/2022) As a form of collaboration that has officially been established between ADCO Law and PT Suryacipta Swadaya, the two companies have successfully held ADCOCare for tenants under Suryacipta. The Senior Associate, who is also the Head of Employment Practices Group, Morales Sundusing, explained the Manpower Law and Employment Dispute Resolution. This ADCOCare was held at Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang, West Java.

ADCOCare is a caring and sharing program designed by ADCO Law to represent the firm’s deep concern for the legal consulting needs of companies. As a law firm, ADCO Law has a strong belief in assisting business actors to leverage their compliance, especially in terms of employment and manpower as mandated by the Job Creation Law. Through this program, ADCO Law brings together an empowered team and experienced lawyers to provide exclusive, warm, and impactful consulting sessions that empower companies.

Through a hybrid session of approximately sixty minutes, Morales elaborated his presentation in front of tenant representatives who were present both online and offline. “This is a form of our commitment at ADCO Law to take part in empowering business actors regarding the updated regulations by providing them with legal sessions aimed at mitigating any legal and business risks,” said Morales.

Morales’ presentation attracted the attention of the audience in the discussion. “Apart from the existence of the new Job Creation Law, along with its implementing regulations, in general the problems that arise regarding employment disputes are the same, so what needs to be underlined is the issue of risk mitigation. Self-awareness is needed, both from employers and workers, to understand that the rules of the game related to employment have been properly regulated and detailed by the government,” said Morales.

As a law firm, ADCO Law has been trusted by clients from start-ups to multinational companies from various industrial sectors to solve their employment cases. 

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