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Aditya Kesha Wijayanto: Perfection is the Child of Time

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What would Aditya Kesha Wijayanto, Senior Partner in Banking and Finance at ADCO Law, tell his younger self, who had just graduated from law school and started a career as a lawyer twenty-one years ago? That is the question we asked him during the interview. 

Kesha’s remark is quite perceptive:

“Kesha, you think you have no choice, but God has actually chosen the finest option for you out of all the options He provided. You feel like being forced to live your life, but God has given you a life that will eventually lead to incredibly good things.”

An Unforeseen Start

In early 2023, Aditya Kesha Wijayanto was formally appointed as a Senior Partner in the Banking and Finance practice area by ADCO Law, a law firm that offers clients a wide range of integrated legal services, from corporate litigation to commercial transactions in different industrial sectors. The purpose of Kesha’s appointment is valid, that is, to complete and strengthen the firm.

For more than 20 years, he has worked successfully on a variety of financial transaction projects, corporate finance initiatives, infrastructure development, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments, and corporate affairs-related tasks. He was involved in representing the syndication of 30 conventional and sharia banks for financing one of the largest toll road projects in Indonesia and also acted as a transaction counsel for financing facilities for power plants, smelters, and industrial estates.

As he once said, Kesha told us that he had no plan on becoming a lawyer. “It all began when my father was laid off during the 1997-1998 monetary crisis. I made the decision to seize the opportunity in front of me without giving it too much thought,” he stated. “I began my career as a lawyer after deciding to quit my prior position as a legal officer in a Korean electronics company.

Early in his career, he realized that practicing law required a range of abilities that went beyond what was taught in school, including the ability to engage with reasoning and logical skills.

“From the beginning, I knew that this profession was challenging, especially since I lacked the practical skills which then I was really having a hard time with. I had to invest more time to read documents several times, highlighted the parts I didn’t understand, and then revised them. I would keep doing it until I finally understood, and there were eventually no revisions made by my supervising partner in my draft memos,” he stated with a smile. “Those were the moments when I had the confidence to discuss transaction structures with my partner! Yes, it’s exciting to realize that this is a job that challenges me to keep thinking. Every task here is like solving a puzzle,” he continued.

As one of the ADCO Law Senior Partners, Kesha admits that being in this position does not mean he stops learning. “Yes! After more than ten years as a lawyer and nearly ten years contributing to foreign affiliated law firms, I truly understand that a career in a law firm is not only about carrying out legal work but also about being actively involved in maintaining the client experience through various firm initiatives. In the end, the success of our clients reflects all of our efforts,” he said. 

Kesha and the Multiplier Effect Energy

As he pursues his work, Kesha acknowledges that the most important thing that helps him survive in this world is the sense of contentment he gets from helping clients.

“I usually see a multiplier effect when I help clients, and it happens all the time.  Through my profession, I can also contribute to the growth of the nation through the development of projects or infrastructure, one of which was when I worked on a transaction to finance a power plant. When the project started, I witnessed firsthand how many workers were involved, how many suppliers of raw materials received orders, and how many nearby business actors—from small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to larger corporations—were also positively affected; all for one goal, accelerating national development. Also, when the project was completed and the neighborhood could finally enjoy the electricity produced,” he recalled. 

“This feeling is what makes me to continue to be grateful that, as a lawyer, I can contribute to society and have big impacts. And that’s my energy,” he said.

Kesha’s drive extends beyond the satisfaction he gets from assisting each client. “This universe is becoming more and more fascinating to me as there are a growing number of things for me to learn. For example, the way I interact with clients or colleagues who belong to a different generation, or the way I speak with my co-workers.  I have to be constantly aware that in both of these scenarios, I need to improve my listening and positioning abilities,” he continued. 

Discover ADCO - Aditya Kesha

A Father: Giving Lifetime References

Kesha continues to put his responsibilities as a husband and father before his work as an attorney at ADCO Law. For him, raising a son is a major responsibility that he must carry out alongside his wife.

“I can’t ignore my son’s regular calls for conversation. Time does not go back. Of course, I hope that my son will grow up to be a devout and responsible person,” he said.

Kesha understands that, despite his demanding profession, his ability to give guidance to his son is the key to realizing all of his dreams. “The best source of information for children is their father and mother. My wife and I, as both parents, make the most contribution in giving the best advice before my son makes decisions in his life, even though he may acquire other references elsewhere,” Kesha remarked.

Kesha’s Aspirations: Every Process Takes Time

He expressed his aspirations clearly at the end of the interview.

“As a lawyer, I understand and believe that what I’m doing now will advance the nation. Perhaps by 2045, I won’t be able to continue to enjoy the fruits of Indonesia’s efforts to be a prosperous country. But the most important thing is that I take part in the process of bringing this nation there. In stages, as much as I can, I try to contribute as a lawyer,” he said.

Kesha didn’t stop there. “I hope that as I advance my career as a lawyer, I can continue to give my son the finest references and access. He shouldn’t be constrained in any way. I hope I can continue to help him see the things he wants to see,” Kesha said.

Kesha views his life as an epic journey. His profession started with an unplanned event, but as time goes by, he realizes that what he is doing now is the greatest present that God gave him from the beginning. “Every process takes time, including realizing the concept of life. Perfection is the child of time,” concluded Kesha with a smile.



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