Discover ADCO Garry Kuswandi: Cherished Blessings, Weathered Challenges: Journey through Fatherhood


Garry’s journey into the legal profession took an unexpected turn, diverging from the conventional path of a typical law career. Initially inclined towards informatics engineering, he was swayed by his father’s astute advice about the cyclic nature of job opportunities in trendy fields. Opting for law, Garry embarked on a transformative journey that led him to become an associate at ADCO Law, specializing in corporate and M&A, mining, energy, and mining projects.

This unconventional choice became the cornerstone of his professional identity. His decision to pursue law over a popular trend reveals his foresight and strategic thinking—a trait that serves him well in his legal career. Garry’s initial uncertainty about the future paved the way for a nuanced understanding of the legal landscape, proving that sometimes the most unexpected choices yield the most profound outcomes.

Finding fulfillment by making an impact on others

As Garry entered the legal field, uncertainty clouded his vision of the future. However, the challenges and rigors of his legal education crystallized into a sense of purpose during the final semester. 

This realization marked the beginning of his commitment in the working environment to consistently exceeding client expectations. While acknowledging the inherent fatigue of surpassing client demands, Garry finds fulfillment in continuously pursuing excellence.

“I think a great lawyer is someone who wants to be not only great for himself but also others. I’m not saying that all lawyers have to do the same thing. But I have a vision where I also want to make an impact, at least with the people I’m working with,” he explained. 

For Garry, the essence of being a good lawyer extends beyond fulfilling client expectations. It’s about going above and beyond, providing clients with not just what they want but what is truly in their best interest. Education is key to his approach, as he sees himself not only as a legal practitioner but also as a mentor. A great lawyer, according to Garry, is someone who aspires not just to personal success but seeks to make a positive impact on those around them.

His vision involves creating a collaborative environment where knowledge is shared and juniors are encouraged to learn alongside their experienced counterparts. In Garry’s view, the legal profession is not just a job; it’s a platform for collective growth and excellence.


Enjoying the new season as a parent while shaping professional growth

This year was a turning point in Garry’s life as he tied the knot with his beloved and embraced the anticipation of parenthood. The news of his wife’s pregnancy came as a surprise, but it didn’t take long for them to start preparing thoughtfully for the arrival of their child. This transition into parenthood has been a transformative experience for Garry, not only in his personal life but also in his professional approach.

The transition into parenthood has been a life-changing experience for Garry, reshaping his personal life and professional outlook. He has been meticulous in his preparations, reading books on parenting, attending prenatal classes, and spending quality time with his wife to understand her needs and emotions. Seeing her pregnant belly grow has brought him a sense of wonder and awe as he marvels at the miracle of life. 

As the due date approaches, Garry draws closer to his wife, cherishing every moment spent with her. He accompanies her to yoga classes, massages her feet, and reads bedtime stories to their unborn child. He admits to feeling responsible and protective, knowing he will soon hold his child in his arms. 

The impending fatherhood has brought a new dimension to Garry’s personality, instilling a sense of patience, empathy, and humility. He has learned to appreciate the significance of small gestures, like bringing his wife breakfast in bed or holding her hand during a doctor’s appointment. He has become more attuned to the nuances of human connections, realizing that love and care are the foundations of all relationships. As he prepares to welcome his child into the world, he is filled with hope, joy, and gratitude.


2023: A Year of Milestones and Reflections

In this chapter of Garry’s life, personal and professional growth and integration stand out. His journey, marked by unconventional choices, a commitment to excellence, and the evolving dynamics of family life, inspires those navigating the delicate balance between personal aspirations and professional pursuits. As he looks forward to the next chapter with anticipation and readiness, Garry embodies the essence of a multifaceted individual – an accomplished lawyer, a supportive partner – and soon, a loving parent.