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On Thursday, September 29, 2022, ADCO Law was justifiably proud of its success in advising and assisting the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in the Judicial Review of the Mining Law before the Republic of Indonesia’s Constitutional Court (Case No. 37 PUU of 2021). This success is clearly no coincidence. The team’s expertise in developing mature strategies and comprehensive arguments, supported by the interrelationships between articles in the regulations, as well as the process of convincing the Panel of Judges to reject the claimants’ arguments, demonstrates the dedication and commitment of all members involved. Rezky Panji, Junior Associate at ADCO Law, is no exception.

Persistence is the key to success in Panji’s involvement in the litigation practice at ADCO Law. “I became interested in litigation issues when I began studying MK litigation issues in college.” In addition, at the time, my friends and I enjoyed competing in various national legal competitions. This interest is growing,” Panji explained.

For him, litigation is more than just making arguments in front of a judge. Furthermore, litigation is the art of gathering evidence and making careful and precise arguments.

“It is clear from the litigators’ work rhythm. They must all be able to prepare various kinds of files in a timely manner. Isn’t that a difficult situation to deal with? He laughed.

In turn, Panji expressed his gratitude to the team for their victory. “About yesterday’s victory at the Constitutional Court? Of course, I am grateful. For the umpteenth time, we have accompanied and assisted the government in developing narratives and arguments to demonstrate that the provisions of the Minerba Law are materially in accordance with and do not conflict with the 1945 Constitution,” he explained..

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The Paradoxical Life of Rezky Panji

Panji was born and raised in a large family with cultural diversity. Panji’s father, an orderly and straightforward person, comes from a large North Sumatran family with a police and military background. Meanwhile, his mother is from Solo, Central Java, and works in education and the arts i.e., music, painting, and literature. “It’s like a paradox. My parents’ different personalities made me more open to all kinds of perspectives or new things,” Panji chuckled.

Another paradox emerges when asked about career choices. Panji’s interest in constitutional law since college did not necessarily bring him to work in the government, but rather in a law firm. “I enjoy studying Constitutional Law and State Institutions.” I enjoy reading various literatures on state institutions, especially the process of making regulations. In other words, I constantly ‘snack’ those topics of my interest, especially the ones related to the Constitutional Court,” Panji exclaimed enthusiastically. For him, studying constitutional law, particularly the issues related to litigation at the constitutional court, is a matter of honing philosophical, sociological, and juridical arguments. “Alhamdulillah, my interest continues to be honed here, and it is manifested through the litigation profession. Most recently, I have succeeded in assisting the government, particularly the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in the Judicial Review of the Mining Law,” he smiled.

Persistence: Panji’s Key to Life

At his very young age, Panji is not only focused on his career as a lawyer. His hobby in making broadcasts or podcasts, audio recordings that can be listened to by the general public via the internet, has also become his routine activity. “Well, when it comes to talking about podcasts, I could tell the long story here,” he said with a laugh.

His hobby in podcasting is actually nothing new. At least, Panji started this activity in 2010, when he was still living in Solo. “Initially, my hobby was listening to the radio, from there, I tried to talk to myself with the material I compiled. At that time, my family encouraged me to continue to hone this skill. According to them, my voice is suitable for voice-over, but at that time I didn’t dare to start,” said Panji.

Panji eventually decided to start recording his voice, purchasing audio recording equipment, and distributing it on one of the internet’s podcast platforms. “Sua Wicara is the title of my podcast.” His topics of conversation ranged from careers, law to politics. “You can listen to it” he added with a laugh.

Panji exemplifies how staying consistent with what you are passionate about can yield the best results. “As the younger generation, it’s important for us to understand our potential, to not give up easily, and to stick to what we believe in,” Panji concluded.


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