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19 Dec 2017
Kepailitan dan PKPU: Praktik dan Perkembangannya Saat Ini
ADCO Attorneys at Law participated in a talk show on “Kepailitan dan PKPU: ...

30 Nov 2017
Legal Guarantee Intensive Course
27 Sept 2017
Kursus Intensif Hukum Pertambangan
15 Aug 2017
APBI/ICMA Coal Seminar

Client Testimonial

He is very direct in providing solution or analyzing a complicated legal situation in commercial world and He is quite strong on drafting agreements for all types of transaction or deals that we make – Naresh Anchalia (AKR Coal)

Client Testimonial

The uniqueness of this firm is its understanding of mining business, not just mastering mining law both in theoretical and practical sense (Padang Karunia Group)

Client Testimonial

He (DendiAdisuryo) can advice a way that we have never thought before and more suitable with our condition – Bahtera Alam Sejahtera

Client Testimonial

The Firm’s good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to all our legal and other management service requirements.Their unwavering professionalism and great commitment along with in-depth knowledge of the legal issues always supported us to work more efficiently in the business world – JSW Group)

Client Testimonial

As one amongst the top qualified lawyers in Jakarta. The kind of approach, dedication and perseverance shown by Mr. Dendi to the professional work which were entrusted firm in early January of 2008, impressed me very much, as a client – Belverdia Ltd”