In the ever more interconnected and regulated contemporary business environment, enterprises of all sizes face a growing array of legal and compliance challenges. The intricacies of global regulations and the safeguarding of sensitive information have become critical to success. The importance of maintaining the highest standards of conduct has never been more salient.
We recognize that compliance to regulations and adherence to corporate ethics involve more than merely avoiding legal pitfalls; it constitutes a strategic imperative to drive sustainable growth and enhance clients’ company reputation. Our team works closely with our clients to identify and mitigate potential legal and compliance risks tailored to each of our clients’ specific risk profile and industry context.
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Structuring the PPP Agreement: Assist in structuring the legal framework of the PPP agreement. This involves determining the rights, responsibilities, and risks of each party, as well as the allocation of project revenues and liabilities.

Risk Allocation: Identify and allocate various risks associated with the project, including construction risks, operational risks, and other risks.

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Enactment of KIA Law: Enhancing Employee Protection through New Maternity Leave Provisions
The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia or Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia...

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