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Lintang Kinanti

Armed with a solid foundation in business and economic law from Al Azhar University of Indonesia, Lintang Kinanti garnered experience by collaborating closely with Partners and Senior Lawyers. Her responsibilities have encompassed a wide spectrum of complex tasks, including drafting intricate agreements for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, meticulously crafting essential corporate legal documents, and conducting Legal Due Diligence (LDD) processes for acquisition transactions. Moreover, she has demonstrated her legal acumen by preparing comprehensive Legal Memorandums and delivering insightful Legal Opinions on a diverse array of intricate legal matters.

After going through various programs during her ALYP internship period, with her dedication to understanding the unique needs of each client and comprehensive legal knowledge, she managed to become one of the members who were selected as associates at ADCO Law. She approaches every task with a keen attention to detail, ensuring that her clients receive nothing short of the highest quality legal services in the complex world of corporate law.



Areas of Expertise

Practice Description

During her years of practice, Lintang has been involved in numerous deals and transactions including: