Commercial & Criminal Litigation

Commercial & Criminal Litigation

It is crucial for companies to make proper decisions regarding corporate governance and compliance to avoid severe consequences for their executives. Every company should have a sound organizational structure and risk management to prevent any misconduct by corporate bodies.
With a competent team of experienced and knowledgeable litigators, ADCO Law prides itself on providing our clients with exceptional in-court legal counseling. Our practice is renowned for its team of litigators who have delivered successful outcomes in numerous intricate and demanding civil, commercial, and criminal law cases.
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Our Services

Services Image General
Legal Advisory
We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice on commercial and criminal matters, outlining potential risks and opportunities.
Pre-litigation Proceedings
We conduct in-depth legal research to gather relevant information and precedents to build a strong case. We also help our clients draft and send legal notices (demand letters) to parties involved to propose resolutions before formal litigation.
Litigation Proceedings
We formulate effective litigation strategies tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients and represent them in any type and level of court proceedings in Indonesia, which includes district court, commercial court, administrative court, and constitutional court.
Enforcement Proceedings
We help our clients pursue legal actions to enforce court judgments, including garnishments, liens, and other applicable measures, ensuring our clients receive what they are entitled to after successful litigation.

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Enactment of KIA Law: Enhancing Employee Protection through New Maternity Leave Provisions
The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia or Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia...

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