Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring

Corporate restructuring activities in Indonesia are primarily governed by company law, banking law, and industry-specific regulations. Nonetheless, the Bankruptcy Law is the primary legal framework for insolvency/bankruptcy-related restructuring, and the increasing number of PKPU/bankruptcy cases calls for regulatory reform of the Bankruptcy Law.
ADCO Law grasps the complexities of our client’s industries and brings a cross-disciplinary team to help. Our diverse team of lawyers represents secured and unsecured creditors, committees, directors, and other stakeholders in bankruptcy/insolvency proceedings and reorganizations. Side by side, we also work collaboratively with clients to tackle complex legal challenges and identify the best opportunities for business continuity.
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Our Services

Services Image General
Legal Advisory
We assess legal issues and the position of our clients. Additionally, we also provide legal strategies including mapping our client’s strengths and weaknesses in bankruptcy, insolvency & restructuring-related matters.
Debt Restructuring
We manage various ways to resolve legal issues regarding debt restructuring. We also represent and/or accompany our clients, both debtors and creditors, in the negotiation and mediation process with opposing parties in order to obtain a reliable scheme of debt settlement.
Debt Settlement
We prepare and provide our clients with legal documents related to debt settlement in bankruptcy, insolvency & restructuring matters including settlement proposal, settlement term sheet, and settlement agreement.
Court Proceedings
We represent our clients, both debtors and creditors, in the process of bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment obligation (penundaan kewajiban pembayaran utang/PKPU) proceedings at the commercial court, including in other lawsuits related to the bankruptcy or PKPU (gugatan lain-lain atau renvoi prosedur). We also represent our clients in the cassation stage at the supreme court.
Bankruptcy/PKPU Stages
After a debtor is declared bankrupt or PKPU by the commercial court, we also represent our clients, both debtors and creditors, to submit or receive debt registrations, attend creditors’ meetings, prepare and review settlement proposals, vote on the settlement proposals offered by the debtor, and liaise with receivers or administrators to communicate the interest of our clients.
Annulment of Settlement Agreement
If a debtor does not carry out its obligation based on homologated settlement agreement, we also represent our clients, both debtors and creditors, in the annulment of settlement agreement proceedings at the commercial court and the supreme court.
Training and workshops
We regularly organize training sessions and workshops on bankruptcy, insolvency & restructuring for our clients. This initiative enhances their legal understanding and best practices.

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