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Legal Professional

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At ADCO Law, we understand that every lawyer’s journey is unique. Whether you’re seeking larger firm resources to better serve your clients, craving a more personalized approach to growth, or aiming to escape the anonymity of mega firms, ADCO Law provides the support and independence you need to thrive.

Our firm is built on a shared purpose that values both individual and collective success. We foster a culture of collaboration, perseverance, and a commitment to providing the best legal and business advice to our clients. Join our community where your contributions are valued, and your growth is supported.

Success at ADCO Law goes beyond billable hours. We offer opportunities for professional development and leadership growth through involvement in firm committees, pro bono work, and participation in our community programs. We seek individuals with strong people skills, relevant experience and motivation to thrive.

Experience a career where you can thrive personally and professionally. Join ADCO Law today and embark on a rewarding journey in your legal career. Apply now and unlock the potential that ADCO Law has to offer.

About Our Program

ADCO Law offers a unique path for lawyers seeking personalized growth and support. Our collaborative culture values individual and collective success, prioritizing professional development and leadership opportunities. Join us to thrive personally and professionally. Apply now!

English Class

Improve your English proficiency. In this program, you will take English writing technical classes guided by our English counsel. We also provide engaging and interactive business English conversation classes to give you the confidence to use English in an international environment.

Legal Class

We provide internal legal classes for lawyers and business professionals. For lawyers, this can be a partner-to-associate exchange of knowledge about how to handle cases, or a discussion on the latest trends and developments. For business professionals, legal classes are provided so that they understand the legal process, legal developments and services in business outlook

Health & Wellbeing

To stay competitive in today’s legal landscape, each intern is also equipWe provide our employees with health and wellness program, i.e., fitness allowance and insurance that covers inpatient, outpatient, dental, glasses and maternity benefits. We implement a hybrid work system with greater flexibility to balance individual well-being and work demands.ped with in-class legal training led by our senior associates and partners who are experts in their area of practice, from basic legal knowledge in the practice area to the latest trends and developments.

Learning & Development

To meet our clients’ evolving needs, we invest in our people. We provide a learning and development training budget for all employees, encouraging holistic development and learning through events and conferences.

Mentorship & Career Growth

To reach your full potential, we provide mentorship to all employees, providing guidance, support, and invaluable insight to individuals. You will receive personalized career guidance, ensuring you reach your full potential and achieve success.

Gabriela Riwu Kore ​

What They Say

“ADCO Law is a great place for passionate and enthusiastic individuals to apply their skills and knowledge they possess, and to let their talents prosper in a positive, fun, and hardworking environment. There are opportunities every day to take on new challenges and advance your knowledge. It is great to work in a firm that has knowledgeable lawyers with many years of expertise and experience who are always willing to support you.”

Gabriela Riwu Kore

Middle  Associate

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