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ADCO Law Announcing its New Office as Part of Business Growth

ADCO Law announces its new office as part of business growth. Located in the heart of Jakarta, surrounded by business districts and urban developments, the office remains the same at the Setiabudi Building, part of the Setiabudi One Area.

In this pandemic situation, the firm is still implementing a partial work-from-home policy and other preventive measures over the heightened concerns about Covid-19.

The Managing Partner of ADCO Law, Dendi Adisuryo, commented, “As we expand into new practice areas and hire lawyers, we also need to expand our office as our business grows. We know that, despite the pandemic situation, we still need actual conversations and face-to-face discussions in the office with the health and safety protocol in place”.

The new office brings a new experience to the lawyers and staff. Not only is it spacious and functional, but the new office also accommodates a comfortable common room to congregate: sing songs in the karaoke room, play console games, watch movies or brew some fresh coffee after closing tough deals. Along with this event, the Managing Partner also introduces ADstronaut as the employees’ new nickname. 

“Just like being an astronaut, we believe that being successful doesn’t just happen overnight. It took time to finally fly high into the universe. That hard work and passion inspire us. We call ourselves in ADCO Law as ADstronaut, which means that we work on projects and resolve cases with a rocket-scientist attitude, working efficiently with high attention to detail while taking into account any other aspects possibly related to the project” commented Dendi on his move.

ADCO Law earns the trust to represent clients from multinational companies to emerging entities across a wide range of industries to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia.




ADCO Law as a Law Firm in Jakarta assists the clients to structure, organize and implement their business ventures and investments, including structuring, financing, and securing investments as well as establishing new foreign companies in Indonesia.

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Setiabudi Building 2, 2nd Floor, Suite 205C

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 62, Setiabudi Karet

Jakarta Selatan, 12920, Indonesia.

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Email : info@adcolaw.com

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