Be A Witness of ADCO Law’s Next Generation Lawyers Through ALYP Batch 2


“The best is yet to come” is the theme of our ADCOmmemorate, a successful event to commemorate the graduation of the eight members of the ADCO Law Youth Program (ALYP) Batch 2 at Kembang Goela Restaurant in Semanggi, South Jakarta. Following the success of the first batch, the applicant pool has more than doubled from the previous batch. “Recruitment is critical for our firm, not only in terms of quantity but also quality. The recruitment process is very competitive and challenging to complete because we feel that involving the younger generation will have a huge impact on our firm, so we do our best to select the best talents”, Nabila Aulia, Talent Acquisition at ADCO Law, explained. Out of thousands of applicants, the firm finally selected eight great candidates from top-tier institutions in Indonesia.

Through this program, the selected participants took part in various activities for three months e.g., classes and discussions on mining law, construction law, mergers and acquisitions law, and litigation law delivered by Associates and Partners. They also had the opportunity to be directly involved in ongoing projects handled by the firm and experienced first-hand how to handle projects. In addition, with their mentor, participants were always provided with discussion, mentoring, and 1on1 instruction on how to become trustworthy lawyers. The curriculum of this ALYP program is even more solid because it includes English training from our English Specialist to help them improve their negotiation skills in English as well as their skills in handling transaction documentation.


“I would like to thank the #ADstronauts I have met over the past three months for making my experience at ADCO Law so enjoyable and fruitful. All of the legal and English classes that are provided to us are really beneficial and enlightening for us as fresh graduates,” commented Billiam, one of the ALYP members from Universitas Padjadjaran.

At the end of the graduation, Alta Mahandara, Partner at ADCO Law handed over the certificates along with their assessment reports to the eight ALYP members. ADCO Law also provides an opportunity for five selected ALYP members: Matthew Nathan, Muhammad Hanif Al Ghifari, Dhifan Fauzan Rinaldi, Claudio Shallaby Andre, and Billiam Setiawan, to join as interns and Junior Associates at ADCO Law. As a continuous regeneration program, ALYP will continue to be held. Monitor and visit ADCO Law’s website and social media pages for further information.


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