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“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful.”  


An apt quote to describe Jessica Manarisip, one of ADCO Law’s young litigators. Unlike her colleagues, Jess, as she is usually called, enjoys an unusual hobby: horseback riding. Not without reason, Jess has been around horses since she was a child, and for good reason.

“Yes, I have lived with my opa (read: grandfather) and oma (read: grandmother) since I was a child. Opa is a native racehorse trainer from North Sulawesi. We ended up staying in Jakarta because he received a special call from the late Mr. Ali Sadikin, the Governor of DKI Jakarta at the time, to train horse jockeys stationed at the Pulomas horse race, East Jakarta,” Jess explained. “So the horses and I have had this intimacy since I was a baby,” she continued laughing. 

Even though she works as a lawyer, Jess and her passion for horseback riding never falters. “Time is all about my management abilities. I would definitely hurry if I had free time to practice right now, even if it isn’t as frequent as it once was”, she stated.

Her passion for horses extends beyond horseback riding. She admitted to following news about the exploitation of horses on a regular basis, starting with the inhuman threat to horses and progressing to the debate over horse meat consumption. “I still can’t control my emotions whenever I see humans consuming horse meat. Seeing the horses being used solely for entertainment or under the pretext of ‘cultural preservation’ would always make me disconsolate. I disagree,” she said.


A. Hobby Shapes Character


This Pelita Harapan University alumnus admitted that she and horseback riding are inseparable. All of her childhood memories with horses indirectly shape the character of Jessica Manarisip, who is known as a woman with strong convictions, courage to speak, and unwavering tenacity. Jess never seems to lose her enthusiasm despite the fact that she frequently struggles with her schedule as a high level lawyer.

“I believe this is the result of the process in which I grew up. I’ve never had anything presented to me in an instant. If I wanted to accomplish something, I had to put forth the effort, including horseback riding. I had to take the horse out of the stable, clean it, and bathe it every time I wanted to play with it. The point is that if I wanted it, I had to be the one being responsible,” Jess recalls.

“I once fell off a horse and, like most children, I kept my parents and grandparents in the dark about it. But they eventually figured it out. They actually took away my motivation to continue practicing,” she said.

Not surprisingly, this 1995-born woman has maintained her optimism throughout her career. For her, riding and litigation had three things in common: intense focus, boundless patience, and unbreakable spirit in the face of adversity. “Those are two very different activities, but I can clearly see the parallels. Both of them taught me a lot,” said Jess.

Jessica Manarisip ADCO Law-2

B. A Voyage of Discovery


As a younger generation who has achieved success in litigation, she believes that the process of discovery should be respected and not be squandered. “This is a reminder for myself that when you want to give up, remember that expensive gold requires a lengthy manufacturing process, and the smelting process is difficult and even painful,” said Jess. 

“So, for myself and all my colleagues in the litigation world, becoming a reliable, great and high-value litigation lawyer necessitates a process, ups and downs, and various discoveries that lead us to our goals. Perhaps there are times when we are on top of a high mountain or in a deep valley. It’s what I call a voyage of discovery. Whatever happens, we must remain focused, patient, and unyielding in the face of every challenge ahead. Come rain or shine,” concluded Jess.

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